Mia Kvist

I’m a senior physician at the Bloodbank of Karolinska University Hospital and since 2010, I am affiliated to and work with professor Hercules Dalianis and his research group Clinical Text Mining Group at DSV. I participate in several projects in Language Technology, Data science and  Health Informatics. Most projects concern intelligent information extraction by different text mining techniques from clinical texts.

I truly believe in the benefits of multidisciplinary research in developing tools for better work processes with electronic health records.

Presently, I work in projects concerning knowledge extraction from health records for automated detection of healthcare associated infections and adverse drug reactions.

In order to improve text mining, we also work on characterization of the unstructured language of the hospital world, both the syntax and vocabulary.

One of the things I would like to do is automated simplification of clinical text to layman language:
Automated translation of medical records into general Swedish
and for 2013-2014 I was managing a pilot study concerning radiology reports.

Why is that interesting?
Starting up this year, we will all have access to read our own patient records on-line. But will we understand the medical language in them?
See this film  made by Vårdalstiftelsen, it will give you a laugh and some thoughts about communication. (in Swedish)
Another film made by students at “Visualiserad rapportering”, a course at DSV, presents the idea behind our project.


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